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0 Marcus Damon (DigimonMasterCharacter)

Marcus Damon (大門 大 Daimon Masaru?) is a fictional character in the Digimon Data Squad series. His name, Masaru, means Victory in Japanese.
He is the first human lead of any Digimon serial, excluding C'mon Digimon, that doesn't wear goggles. Marcus is also the first human protagonist to physically hurt Digimon on a regular basis.
Marcus' birthday is April 2 THERE ARE MONSTERS AMONG US!, the same day Digimon Savers started in Japan.
In the Japanese version, when referring to himself, Masaru adds -sama onto his name, equivalent to calling himself "Lord Masaru" or "the great Masaru".

Marcus' Japanese name is probably also an intended pun as it could be read Daimondai, which means "big problem", appropriate for his hot-headedness and tendency to act before thinking.

Marcus makes a cameo appearance in the "The Legendary Tamer" quest of Digimon World Dawn and Digimon World Dusk, as a competitor in Exhibition 3 of the Legend Tournament. He and ShineGreymon Burst Mode fight alongside Thomas and MirageGaogamon Burst Mode, who comment on Marcus acting before thinking.

It should be noted of Marcus's importance to the team: he is often the one to finish a major opponent. Some examples are when he smashed SaberLeomon's fang, blasting his DNA through Belphemon's chest, destroying Craniamon's shield and shattering Yggdrasill's true form. These are all performed from when he punches the opponent with immense strength.

Marcus's DNA Charge seems to posess great potential: the most noticeable moment was in episode 45 when his revelation that his friends believed and trusted him to stop King Drasil/Spencer Damon, it created an aura that protected him from MirageGaogamon's Full Moon Blaster and Rosemon's Forbidden Temptation; instead of hurting him, it simply collided with the aura and propelled Marcus upwards (he had been falling at the time).

Marcus's voice actor, Quinton Flynn, makes an allusion to his character Axel/Lea from the Kingdom Hearts series in the episode "The Crier Familly Reunion", when he says "I got it memorized, all right here", while pointing to his head. "Got it memorized?" is Axel/Lea's catchphrase.

First appearance :
Digimon Data Squad:"THERE ARE MONSTERS AMONG US" [01]
Last appearance Digimon Xros Wars:
The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time: "A Great Hunter Gathering! The Digimon Contest of the Southern Island!"
Voice actor(s):
(Ja:) Soichiro Hoshi
(En:) Quinton Flynn
Partner(s): Agumon

Age : 14, 19 (Epilogue)
Gender : Male
Known relatives:
Spencer Damon (Father)
Sarah Damon (Mother)
Kristy Damon (Younger Sister)
Nationality: Japanese
DATS Officer
General (Super Digica Taisen)
Digital World Enforcer (Epilogue)

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