Selasa, 20 November 2012

0 My Name is My Number

Yapp, everyone definitely has favorite number in their life. Like me, yeah I have favorite number and sometimes the number give me a luck.
Hmmm, 2, 3, 7, 23, 30

Number 2 : Why? yaa, this number is my date birthday. 02 November. and I think number 2 is my charateristic (I think)

Number 3 : Hmmm, Yapp, 2 person important to my life has same absence number. I don't know that has plan or just fluke. But, sometimes number 3 give me, hmmmm... beautiful thing. And I like Paolo Maldini (Milan Players Legend) and his number is 3. In the future, I will success be a footballer like Paolo Maldini and became a Legend

Number 7 : Is my Absence number in my class :D and this number is my Anniv with someone that important to me :) yeahh, some football player that has number 7 is like predator to make goal and make beautiful football.

Number 23 : Hmmm, this number just my anniv(failed) date with important person to me. And maybe you think I have 2 girlfriends? NO! 2 person that I explain is important and very important because they make me change to be a good person every time :)

Number 30 : Is my jersey number. First, I want 32 jersey number. But my coach give me number 30. Yaa, I must accepted that.because is my number and my commitment.

Ok, thanks for your visit my blog. My Name is My Number!

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